Setup reCAPTCHA in forms

Step 1

First, we need an API key, so head on over to To gain access to this page you’ll need to be logged into a Google account.

You’ll be asked to register your website, so give it a suitable name, then list domains (for example where this particular reCAPTCHA will be used. Subdomains (such as and are automatically taken into account.

Step 2

With that done you’ll be given a site key and its partner secret key:

Open the settings of your project from the dashboard in your account at and switch to the Forms tab, then select reCaptcha box and copy the reCaptcha secret key and paste it in the corresponding field at the bottom of the page and click the save button:

Step 3

Open the builder and open the settings of the form (click the "Form Settings" icon from the blue bar above the form), then drag and drop the reCAPTCHA element from the right sidebar. After that, click on the "Settings" button on the right of the reCAPTCHA elements inside the form and fill in your "Site key" that you obtained in Step 2.

After that, save the project and the reCAPTCHA will be ready to use.

Note: the reCaptcha widget will only show up after exporting the project (the reCAPTCHA element inside the builder is a placeholder image).

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