Uploading project files to my hosting

Learn how to upload the exported files via FTP to your hosting

FTP - File Transfer Protocol lets you upload your website's files to your hosting account (or download those files from your hosting account to your computer). By doing this, you're publishing your site to the internet to make it visible to visitors. To use FTP, you'll need an FTP client. There are many different clients you can use, we recommend you to use FileZilla After exporting your project as .zip file you can upload it to your hosting via FTP.

To upload your website files to your online server please follow these steps:

  1. Download, install, and launch FileZilla

  2. Enter your FTP credentials in FileZilla (Host, Username and Password), and then click Quick connect

  3. Unzip your website .zip file, then upload its content via FilleZilla to the desired directory on your server.

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